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Bob and Lenora have been convicted of a crime they didn’t know they’d committed against the Time Flies, a species they did not know existed. The sentence for their crime is twenty-five years–to be served in the past. Tossed without warning from their own living room in 2015 to the same living room in 1938, they are now homeless, jobless, and have stopped aging. Captive in this time period of 1938 to 1963, but free to move about the planet at will, Bob and Lenora must make their way through World War II, the Cold War and the eruption of the Civil Rights Movement, all while slowly losing the memories of their future lives to which they must one day return.

Exploring themes of time and memory, The Time Flies is the first book in a series chronicling the often comedic adventures of Bob and Lenora as they travel through the past, and their eventual return to their forgotten future.

This is book one in The Time Flies series.


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